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AVAX GO HIGHER ($HIGHER) is a cryptocurrency project designed to boost the market cap and liquidity of AVAX Memecoin projects. By strategically adding liquidity to pairs within the ecosystem, $HIGHER aims to support and stabilize existing and emerging projects, helping to strengthen and improve the interconnected AVAX Memecoin community.


1. Market Cap Growth: Increase $HIGHER’s market capitalization through strategic investments and partnerships.
2. Liquidity Enhancement: Continually add liquidity to pairs created by $HIGHER for AVAX Memecoin projects, enhancing their stability and growing their appeal.


Ecosystem Support

$HIGHER supports AVAX Memecoin projects by providing essential liquidity, ensuring these projects have the financial foundation to grow and succeed. This initiative not only supports individual projects but also strengthens the entire AVAX Memecoin ecosystem.

Partnership with

$HIGHER has partnered with to introduce a unique utility: the portion of the revenue made from select memecoin partner project items sold on will be added to the liquidity pools of partnered projects. How it works:
• Revenue Integration: The CryptoLids portion of revenue from* store sales will be directed to the HIGHER/HEFE** liquidity pair, enhancing liquidity and supporting the project's market stability. (*Hefe store used as an example of what the stores we select will be. **HIGHER/HEFE is an actual pair that will be a beneficiary of the $HIGHER Liquidity REVENUE INTEGRATION Model)



AVAX GO HIGHER ($HIGHER) is committed to driving growth and liquidity in the AVAX Memecoin ecosystem. By leveraging strategic partnerships and Revenue Integration liquidity addition strategy, $HIGHER ensures sustained support for ecosystem projects, fostering a thriving and interconnected community.

AVAX GO HIGHER CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x7a842a6F4580EDD3df41C1F31E0395044De6Bc75

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AVAX GO HIGHER ($HIGHER) is the 5th project from Ardent. He first launched a streetwear hat brand called ArdentReal on Instagram in 2018 at age 10. With the help of his father, Ardent managed to grow an Instagram based consumer base of 70k plus followers. 

After the success of the streetwear hat company, he went on to start Polygon NFT on OpenSea in 2020, it did 2 ETH in mints and is still out there. Next was a Wearable NFT for the Decentraland. He made a DCL wearble version of his ArdentReal Founder hat, and deployed it in the Metaversere in 2021. In 2022 he launched Pineapple Headz Twitter Banner NFT project on AVAX. This was his first contract on AVAX. It launched in the bear market and always had plans to tie into the future ventures for Ardent as a reward for continued loyalty to his fan base. 


2023 Ardent launches, the first blend of his passion for apparel and love of web3. This quickly grew into the success we all know and love now. He has maintained in the background building and overseeing the design process, while his father stepped in with 20 years as an action sports brand executive to oversee the operations as CEO.  CryptoLids specializes in making merchandise for the crypto space and projects within the industry. 


The concept of $HIGHER happened as the market was experiencing aggressive up and down swings. Ardent wanted to create a way to add liquidity to the projects he was partnered with. This is the story of Ardent Real.






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