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Let us build your merch store & rev stream...

I’ll start by dropping a bit of info along with some examples of what we do.


DESIGN + PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT With over two decades experience, our team possesses a deep understanding of trends, fabrics, treatments, and techniques across a variety of style genres. We can support a wide range of creative and technical design. SOURCING + PRODUCTION We bring an extensive factory network, backed by strong relationships and decades of experience. With three filialities is vertically integrated. Cooperate headquarters and in-house production facility in Florida, softgoods and molding in Tecate, Mexico, and overseas Macau, China handling hard goods. This makes our production management process reliable, efficient, and cost effective. Our team can support all ranges of production volume and product complexity. MEDIA + WEB We are experienced with web services and are Wix & Shopify experts. We can accommodate any back end or front end services to ensure your store is running efficient and looking sharp. Additionally, our in-house media studio & team can support all ecomm and lifestyle assets required. FULFILLMENT + CUSTOMER SERVICE In-house, seamless inventory hosting, fulfillment and customer service solutions. Whether direct to consumer or bulk wholesale, we have the expertise and experience to fulfill any order requirements.

Sample Links:

Hosted By CryptoLids Example - VaporFi Hosted by CryptoLids Example - SkyFi Hosted by CryptoLids Example - CannaFox

  • So here is an example of some full store builds we have done. Each started with very little by means of design. We mimic the over all look of the branding on your projects site. Most projects typically give us a single corporate graphic build off of. From there we curate the rest of their collection. We seek ways to build unique items the make sense in the respective community. Example the yoga mat and exercise gear for SkyFi. They have a very active fitness crew in their community. So we seek out ways to let them show off their project pride in non-traditional ways.

  • Our goal is to take the constant stress of running a merch store off of your plate and allow you to use merchandise as the marketing tool and rewards for your community that it should be.

  • By handing the process every step of the way, we truly create a passive income stream for your project that allows you the time to focus on what you do best.

As you can see below, we offer several packages. These allow you to find the best fit for your project size, community size, and budge.

We have recently added several new features to our packages, most importantly the addition of our Streaming Partners Network. How it works, we send an item or two from your store to a network of Youtuber content creators with subscriptions ranging from 5,000-50,000 followers. They then wear your item during occasional VLOG/Streams, and drop a small blurb about your project during the VLOG/Stream. See below a few more options we offer.

We look forward to building a stronger brand for you and your community of investors through merchandising. We do all the work, so you can focus on your core business. For more info please email us today:

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